Wedding and Marriage Vocabulary in English

Bride: A woman on her wedding day or just before and after the event.
The bride looked stunning in her white gown.

Groom: A man on his wedding day or just before and after the event.
The groom waited nervously at the altar.

Engagement: An agreement between two people to get married.
Their engagement was announced at the family gathering.

Wedding: The ceremony where two people are united in marriage.
The wedding took place at a beachside venue.

Marriage: The legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship.
Their marriage has been filled with mutual respect and love.

Proposal: When someone asks another person to marry them.
He made a romantic proposal on top of the hill at sunset.

Engagement ring: A ring given by a partner to their prospective spouse when they propose marriage.
She showed off her engagement ring to all her friends.

Wedding ring: A ring exchanged by the couple during the wedding ceremony to symbolize their marriage.
They exchanged wedding rings and vowed eternal love.

Bridesmaids: Women friends or family members who support the bride.
Her bridesmaids wore light pink dresses.

Groomsmen: Men friends or family members who support the groom.
The groomsmen coordinated their suits with the wedding theme.

Best man: A chief assistant to the groom at a wedding, typically a close friend or relative.
The best man gave a humorous and touching speech.

Maid of Honor: A woman, typically an unmarried woman, who is the chief attendant of a bride.
The maid of honor was busy helping the bride all day.

Wedding planner: A professional who assists with the design, planning, and management of a client’s wedding.
Thanks to the wedding planner, everything went smoothly.

Wedding ceremony: The formal event during which the marriage is performed.
The wedding ceremony was solemn and beautiful.

Wedding reception: A party held after the completion of a marriage ceremony.
The wedding reception featured a live band and delicious food.

Vows: Promises made by the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony.
They exchanged vows to cherish each other forever.

Anniversary: The yearly recurrence of the date on which a wedding took place.
They celebrated their tenth anniversary with a trip to Europe.

Honeymoon: A vacation spent together by a newly married couple.
They went to the Maldives for their honeymoon.

Bachelor party: A party given for a man who is about to get married, typically involving activities considered inappropriate after marriage.
He had a wild bachelor party with his friends in Las Vegas.

Bachelorette party: A party given for a woman who is about to get married, typically involving activities considered inappropriate after marriage.
She celebrated her bachelorette party at a local spa.

Registry: A service (often online) where the engaged couple can list desired wedding gifts that guests can purchase on their behalf.
They set up a registry for their wedding to make gift selection easier for guests.

Bridal shower: A gift-giving party held for a bride-to-be in anticipation of her wedding.
The bridal shower was filled with laughter and joy.

Wedding vows: The formal statements of promise made by the couple to each other during the wedding ceremony.
Their wedding vows were heartfelt and sincere.

Understanding and using the right vocabulary for weddings and marriages can greatly enhance your ability to communicate about such events, whether you’re planning your own, attending one, or simply discussing such topics with friends or colleagues. These words form an integral part of English-speaking cultures where such ceremonies are key social events.

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